God’s Recent Answer To Prayer

Today I’m in Greensboro, NC  —  came up to celebrate the 87th birthday of my friend’s mother.  Widowed 20 years ago, she lives alone on several acres.  As with so many of Hart Felt’s clients, her children do what they can but are scattered geographically.  She has suffered for the last 3 months with shoulder pain that has left her unable to sleep anywhere but her lift chair, but still keeps her mind alert with challenging crossword and jigsaw puzzles.  Today she taught me to knit.  Ruth wants the shoulder replacement recommended by her orthopedist, but is approaching that remedy cautiously due to her age and other health considerations.

A few weeks before my trip, I searched the internet looking for any organization in Greensboro that would offer services similar to Hart Felt’s.  To my disappointment, there was none!  I sat at my computer crying – partly in gratitude that God had seen fit to bless Jacksonville with this ministry – partly in sorrow that Greensboro has not been blessed in the same way.  I remember praying, “Lord, this needs to be fixed!”

Well, guess what … !!

The night before I left for Greensboro, I received this e-mail from Jeromy:

“Recently when I was talking to my father who is getting older and has noticeably aged over the past few years, he told me that he felt he needed to sell the house because he couldn’t keep it up any longer.  We talked for a while and my heart sank when I began to see the pain in his eyes as he struggled with what to do.  As a co-minister with my mother for many years they have touched so many lives. My first thought was of them and how I could juggle my schedule to help out more at the house, but I believe it was laid on my heart to begin to look outside of just our situation and realize how many people are in or facing similar situations.  Thus began the search for ministries or outreaches that helped the disabled and elderly.  After visiting your webpage and seeing the success of your ministry, I was filled with hope and joy seeing what you have done. I believe that there is an opportunity to begin a work like yours in our area (Greensboro / Winston Salem, NC).  If possible could you help me and a couple of others understand what was needed to begin your ministry and how we can grow this into an outreach opportunity for our community?”

Imagine his surprise at my response – “I’m coming to Greensboro tomorrow!  How about we meet?”  We spent several hours together today and both agree that God is calling Jeromy and is answering my prayer with a call to action.

While Hart Felt is being blessed beyond words these days with the arrival of our new Executive Director, with multi-media publicity, with special donations and grant awards, and with the anticipated success of our charity gala on October 24th, it is such an honor to pay-it-forward, serving God in a whole new way and helping Jeromy to start a similar ministry in Greensboro, NC.  Every day in every way – GOD IS SO GOOD!!



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