Jane Hart

Jane Hart was raised in Southern Illinois where she attended a one-room grade school and a tiny country church where she led the singing and was taught to love Jesus. But her work life took her to St. Louis, Kansas City, and Atlanta, where she lived when her mother and husband both died within a few months of each other in 1990. Rather than define the “end” of her life, their deaths drew her closer to the Lord and the verse of scripture that would eventually transform her – Jeremiah 29:11. After “running” from God’s “plan” for 10 years, Jane made a first-time, one-day business trip to Jacksonville and, feeling God’s work awaited her there, requested and received a job transfer. Over the next 2 years, the Holy Spirit led her to volunteer with Stephen Ministry, Hospice, and Grief Recovery as God continued to shape her for her “mission” which remained unclear. Late one night she asked, “If I don’t have the faith to do this, will you forgive me?”, His answer was “Of course I’ll forgive you, but you’ll miss the victory”. She had “run” fearing God would require more than she could give, but now fully understood that He had pursued her to give her the promise of Jeremiah 29:11 – a purpose and a hope! Immediately upon her surrender to do whatever He wanted her to do, God revealed the mission — to start an organization of volunteers who would provide love and practical services, at no charge, enabling frail seniors to retain their independence. The next morning, she stood in her dining room knowing He was calling her to full-time service and that it would mean selling her Ponte Vedra home and leaving her job with ConAgra. Through miraculous events, within 2 days her home became a parsonage for Ponte Vedra UMC, she moved into a rental home awaiting God’s direction for where to live, and 7 months later ConAgra closed down their Jacksonville operation asking her to transfer to Tampa or Charlotte. That pivotal day she made the final surrender of her job and immediately was led to the home God had chosen for her. Over the life of Hart Felt Ministries to date, Jane has watched God perform miracle after miracle in her life and in the lives of its volunteers and clients. She is a living witness to what God can do with one surrendered life.

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