The Desperation

It’s Tuesday morning and the traffic I waded through coming in to work was ridiculous!  School hasn’t even started yet in Duval County so I can’t even imagine what it would have been like if you had added all the school buses and student drop offs  into the mix.  My phone was out of service all the way to work because it had died during an update last night.  Who knew that if you don’t complete an update in progress that your phone gets mad and goes on strike?!  I get to work and there are already nine messages on the office phone and it is ringing once again.  I must not be the only one having a Turbulent Tuesday.

Sara and her husband in 32250 are 85 with no family support and in need of help.  Teresa in 32211 needs a two-step ramp and grab bars for her 79-year-old mother-in-law who is living with them and recently fell.  Janie needs rent assistance and is desperate because this was the only number she was given for help and we don’t provide that type of assistance.  Lucille appreciates the assistance she’s getting from her volunteers, but is in need of more.  Frasier is trying to get home health assistance for his mother who lives in 32210.  One of our clients fell and needs prayers for healing and her family needs prayers for guidance as they have to make some hard decisions about her future living arrangements.  Jasmine is disabled and in her 50’s and doesn’t understand why we don’t serve individuals under 70.  Jay’s grandmother’s roof in 32216 has caved in and he doesn’t understand why the insurance company would deny her claim and call it negligence when she can’t get on the roof at her age.  Do you hear the desperation?  There is so much need, and this is just a few of the calls we will get today.

The good news?  Rod called to say he wants to volunteer.  Boy, do we need more Rods!  Kelly is at a ramp construction site in 32219 with a group from Shepherd of the Woods Lutheran Church and news anchor, Phil Amato, who is doing a news story on HFM and the growing need for donations and volunteers so we can do more. Mandarin Rotary is ready to build another ramp.   Kelly is training another group of volunteers (that includes some licensed contractors) on Thursday.  We have two corporate sponsors for our fundraising gala now (we need more!).  Marcie is ready to serve Carol and her husband, George.  Jean is ready to serve Betty.  We have an engaged Board of Directors that is working diligently to find the needed funds to meet the needs.  AND……we have you… are reading this and now it has been placed on your heart to go out and seek the frail seniors who need your help.  Whether through HFM or by helping a neighbor, it is imperative that we let this aging generation know they are not forgotten.  Why?  Because you could be the next Sara, Frasier, Teresa, or Jay.

Psalm 71:9  Do not cast me off in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength is spent.

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